Racing tonight at Five Flags

Tonight we’ll do another 30 entrant race with top 12-18 in qualifying set should we decide to have a limit, so it’s important that everybody qualify! 7:00p with 20 minutes practice, 5 minute lone qualifier, and race around 7:30p for 35 laps, 35 minutes in the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS at Five Flags. Fixed setup, unlimited fast repairs. As usual, wave-arounds granted at race director discretion. Hope to see you there! We may run another race somewhere afterwards if enough league members are present and wish to run another.

Racing tonight

Tonight, we’ll have another hosted race for recruitment! Thompson Speedway is the venue, 50 laps for the feature. Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS is the car, with fixed setup. Unlimited fast repairs, waves depending on race director discretion. 7:10p ET practice, 8:00p ET qualifying, 8:10p ET race. 24 cars is the max, top 12 advance is a possibility, again at race director discretion. Join us!

Bristol Tonight

Tonight we’ll be at Bristol Motor Speedway for 75 laps under the lights. Fixed set.

Track: Bristol Motor Speedway Night
Car: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
Server Opens: 8:10p ET
Where: Under “HOSTED”
Qualifying: 9:00p ET
Race: 9:10p ET

We’ll have 24 cars, and if it appears it’ll be rough, we’ll take the top 12 to the feature.

SDRL Tuesday Night Late Model details for 7/25

Tomorrow night, we’ll be hosting a race that you’ll need to find in the Hosted section.

“SDRL Tuesday Night LM Recruitment”

Due to lack of participation, we’ll suspend Dirt for a little while with the option of revisiting them at a later date.

Tomorrow night, we’ll race at Five Flags with the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS using default Five Flags setup. 60 laps the distance, 50 minutes the limit. 60 minute practice, 10 minute open practice. League members are allowed to race, however I’ve set a 24 car limit. Should you find the server is full, jump on Discord and let us know and we’ll remove a driver with the highest incident count and allow space for you.

It takes all of us to succeed with the league. See you tomorrow night.

Practice begins at 8:00p ET with the race starting at 8:10p ET.

SDRL Pro Late Model race night change + FINAL NOTICE regarding Discord

Hello Drivers!
We’ve been asking for the past couple weeks for everyone to install and communicate with us on the Discord app. Tuesday Night, July 11th, will be the final chance for you to stay on board with Slingin’ Dirt Racing League. Any members who have not installed the Discord app and communicated with us, will be terminated from the league. The link:

In regards to our race night, I’ve thought hard about it, and have had a few little insights tossed out there, and I have decided we are moving the SDRL Pro Late Models to Tuesday Nights. Hotlaps 7:45p ET and racing at 8:05p ET. Hope this helps draw more cars. We’ll give it a trial run for a few weeks and go from there. This Tuesday is 100 laps around Eldora Speedway.

We’ll consider running a secondary series following our Pro Late Model. I consider XFINITY, however I’ve not purchased the Camry or Mustang so I can’t do fixed setups unless someone wants to sponsor those for our league. Otherwise we’ll explore and discuss either the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS or the circa 2013 Trucks. Again, if you want your input heard and want to remain one of our drivers, please see the instructions above to download Discord (FREE) and help us better this league.

Attention All Drivers – Schedule Additions!

I’ve taken the moment out of my busy schedule (even though it’s 1:38am) to work on and add a few races to the SDRL Pro Late Model Series schedule. These are NOT the only races of the season, but all I wanted to schedule for the time being. Help spread the word and help recruit drivers!

That said, we’ll move to a single event format on Friday nights for a short while. When you race with us in the league race, we’ll discuss what we want to do afterwards for fun. After the Thursday night truck race we had, we rolled along with a 250 lap race at Bristol!

At this time, I ask that ALL LEAGUE MEMBERS PLEASE use the following link: – download the FREE app to your PC so that we can get discussions going if needed on there. I would GREATLY appreciate it!

All that said, here’s the schedule for now:
Friday June 16th: Eldora Speedway 50 Laps
Friday June 23rd: Eldora Speedway 40 Laps
Friday June 30th: Eldora Speedway 60 Laps
Friday July 7th: Eldora Speedway 100 Laps

Zelenka scores first points win at Eldora; Chance scores first Late Model win at SoBo

In SDRL Pro Late Model action at Eldora Speedway, 11-Josh Zelenka set fast time during the mock heat race at Eldora with a blazing lap of 16.176. Through multiple cautions during the feature, he would hold off multiple challenges for the lead, including contact between he and 24-Markus Hankins. Zelenka scores his first-career official race win.

  1. 11-Josh Zelenka
  2. 24-Markus Hankins
  3. 5-Drew Chance

In SDRL Late Model action at South Boston Speedway, 5-Drew Chance would start on the pole for the main event by virtue of his heat race win. However 11-Josh Zelenka, who started outside front row, would march to the early lead and lead the first 2 laps until 5-Chance would close the gap and make his move. He would take the lead and drive away over the final 28 laps to the SDRL Late Model win at South Boston.

  1. 5-Drew Chance
  2. 24-Markus Hankins
  3. 11-Josh Zelenka

SDRL Pro Late Model points season begins Friday!

The Slingin’ Dirt Racing League proudly presents the OFFICIAL kick-off to the points championship season! After much consideration, we have decided we will mainly stick with 1 track, Eldora Speedway, and run with Dynamic Weather and Automatically Generated track states.

The point system will be as follows:
1 and on.
Fixed setups as usual.

One adjustment is we will try this week a new format. We will hotlap for 20 minutes and then run OPEN qualifying. We will lineup as a grid and run a single “heat race” — for 8 laps. While we can’t manually change the grid (without doing some other tinkering and spending more money), we hope this will make things a little more enjoyable. It would still be based off quickest laps completed.

We’ll have 10 minutes to run that “heat race” which I expect we should be able to line up quickly enough to try it out. With the time being adjusted, I’ve scaled back to 35 minute feature and we have 30 minutes in which to complete that.

This isn’t the best solution at the moment but until our participation increases to where I can comfortably approach sponsors to help us with the server rental fees, we will go with this format for the time being.

Next Friday June 9th, we will take a week off, and then roll back into it.

Your input is greatly appreciated, if you have any. We want to see this league succeed, but can’t do it without your help. Each one of you is a VITAL part of SDRL.

Thank you,
Markus Hankins

Hankins, Chance scores Friday night wins in final welcome season race

Sorry there’s no stories this week, but congrats to this week’s Fast Qualifiers: SDRL Pro Late Models (11-Josh Zelenka – 16.277) and SDRL Outlaw Sprint Cars (79-Drew Chance – 13.709). And a huge congrats to this week’s Feature Winners: SDRL Pro Late Models (24-Markus Hankins – 22/40 laps led) and SDRL Outlaw Sprint Cars (79-Drew Chance – 16/30 laps led) — a big note, the Sprint Cars saw all competitors lead at least 2 laps!

SDRL Pro Late Model Results
1.(3) 24-Markus Hankins
2.(1) 11-Josh Zelenka
3.(2) 79-Drew Chance

SDRL Outlaw Sprint Car Results
1.(1) 79-Drew Chance
2.(4) 30-Taylor Coffman
3.(3) 11-Josh Zelenka
4.(2) 24-Markus Hankins

Zelenka dominates Friday night

For the first time in league history, a driver has swept the entire night’s racing schedule.

In SDRL Pro Late Model action, it was 11-Josh Zelenka setting fast time with a lap of 16.124. Zelenka was joined on the front row by 24-Markus Hankins (16.190). At the drop of the green flag, Zelenka would jump to the lead into turn 1. Hankins would have trouble unto turn 1 and would fall out of contention, however the battle raged on for 2nd. In the end, Zelenka would survive a late-race restart to cruise to victory.

  1. 11-Josh Zelenka
  2. 30-Taylor Coffman
  3. 93-Avery McDonald
  4. 52-Chad Wells
  5. 24-Markus Hankins
  6. 56-Mary Cash


In SDRL Outlaw Sprints action, it was 11-Josh Zelenka again setting fast time with a lap of 17.391. It was 24-Markus Hankins again joining Zelenka on the front row with a lap of 17.457. Zelenka would get the early jump over Hankins, but Hankins would have trouble a few laps later and again fell out of contention. Zelenka survived a green-white-checker finish to take the win.

  1. 11-Josh Zelenka
  2. 52-Chad Wells
  3. 24-Markus Hankins
  4. 93-Avery McDonald