SDRL Tuesday Night Late Model details for 7/25

Tomorrow night, we’ll be hosting a race that you’ll need to find in the Hosted section.

“SDRL Tuesday Night LM Recruitment”

Due to lack of participation, we’ll suspend Dirt for a little while with the option of revisiting them at a later date.

Tomorrow night, we’ll race at Five Flags with the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS using default Five Flags setup. 60 laps the distance, 50 minutes the limit. 60 minute practice, 10 minute open practice. League members are allowed to race, however I’ve set a 24 car limit. Should you find the server is full, jump on Discord and let us know and we’ll remove a driver with the highest incident count and allow space for you.

It takes all of us to succeed with the league. See you tomorrow night.

Practice begins at 8:00p ET with the race starting at 8:10p ET.

SDRL Pro Late Model race night change + FINAL NOTICE regarding Discord

Hello Drivers!
We’ve been asking for the past couple weeks for everyone to install and communicate with us on the Discord app. Tuesday Night, July 11th, will be the final chance for you to stay on board with Slingin’ Dirt Racing League. Any members who have not installed the Discord app and communicated with us, will be terminated from the league. The link:

In regards to our race night, I’ve thought hard about it, and have had a few little insights tossed out there, and I have decided we are moving the SDRL Pro Late Models to Tuesday Nights. Hotlaps 7:45p ET and racing at 8:05p ET. Hope this helps draw more cars. We’ll give it a trial run for a few weeks and go from there. This Tuesday is 100 laps around Eldora Speedway.

We’ll consider running a secondary series following our Pro Late Model. I consider XFINITY, however I’ve not purchased the Camry or Mustang so I can’t do fixed setups unless someone wants to sponsor those for our league. Otherwise we’ll explore and discuss either the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS or the circa 2013 Trucks. Again, if you want your input heard and want to remain one of our drivers, please see the instructions above to download Discord (FREE) and help us better this league.