Racing tonight

Tonight, we’ll have another hosted race for recruitment! Thompson Speedway is the venue, 50 laps for the feature. Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS is the car, with fixed setup. Unlimited fast repairs, waves depending on race director discretion. 7:10p ET practice, 8:00p ET qualifying, 8:10p ET race. 24 cars is the max, top 12 advance is a possibility, again at race director discretion. Join us!

Bristol Tonight

Tonight we’ll be at Bristol Motor Speedway for 75 laps under the lights. Fixed set.

Track: Bristol Motor Speedway Night
Car: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
Server Opens: 8:10p ET
Where: Under “HOSTED”
Qualifying: 9:00p ET
Race: 9:10p ET

We’ll have 24 cars, and if it appears it’ll be rough, we’ll take the top 12 to the feature.